Artist Statements 
"Beyond Shattered Honor" serves as a tribute to the silenced voices of Iranian women, victims of the brutal practice of "honor" killings. In shadows where men decree death over perceived dishonor, this multidisciplinary installation revives the forgotten, those obscured by family and faith. Combining sculpture, photographs, video, and audio, it brings their stories back to light. It transforms symbols of mourning into a critique of violence, seeking justice through memory and artistic expression. This project creates a sanctuary that merges remembrance with resistance, honoring those who were silenced.
"Dear People, Your silence means supporting oppression and oppressors."
                                                                                             - Navid Afkari

About Installation
My work, titled 'Beyond Shattered Honor' addresses the overlooked issue of honor killings, in Iran. It sheds light on how child marriages fuel this brutality and how the lack of accountability for perpetrators exacerbates the problem. I aim to raise awareness, about this issue with the goal of sparking action to end honor killings in Iran. Through my endeavors, I use a range of expressions to delve into and explain the various complex factors and aspects linked to honor killings.
Location: Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY. Date: May 17- 21, 2024

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