As a Digital media artist, my art serves as a daily reminder of the world I inhabit. In a country plagued by government-sanctioned violence, rampant oppression of women, and a general sense of hopelessness, I am acutely aware of the pressing need to bring attention to the struggles of those in developing nations like Iran. My primary objective is to ensure that people around the globe do not forget the suffering of millions in these regions. Through my work, I aim to take viewers on a journey that intimately acquaints them with the experiences of my people. In doing so, I hope to amplify the voices of those who have long been silenced and raise awareness of the pervasive inequalities that still exist. Ultimately, my goal is to inspire others to take action and become champions of change. As an Photographer, I see myself as a conduit for the voices and experiences of those around me, and I hope that my work will spark a flame of empathy and activism in others.
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